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Obtain Your California Contractors License

The Golden State is a hugely popular destination — and for aspiring contractors, that means countless business opportunities to build the structures of tomorrow. That could be homes, offices, or the next shopping center. But everyone has to start somewhere.

The State of California requires a valid contractors’ license for any project requiring labor and materials that are valued at $500 or more. The contractors' license covers general and specialty contractors across a wide range of services, including General Building and Engineering construction, landscaping, painting, electrical, plumbing, and more. As an aspiring contractor, your first step is to obtain the license that allows you to perform this work and demonstrate a critical understanding of the state laws that govern construction trade.

How to Pass the California Contractors License Examination

Being a successful contractor starts with understanding the trade in relation to contractor law and knowing exactly how to apply these concepts to your business:

  • Wage requirements
  • Job site safety, employee regulations, and hazardous materials
  • Business organization and insurance
  • Contract requirements and execution, bidding, estimating and cost control.
All Freedom Business School packages include:


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Freedom Business School’s Guarantee Policy:

Pass your State Exam, or we will refund your remaining tuition. Otherwise, we will continue to provide the study materials you need until you have passed your California Contractors Exam.


Invest in the Future of Your Contracting Business

Freedom Business School breaks down the Contractors Law and Business course into five chapters. They are written in plain, easy to understand language to help students prepare for the California Contractors License exam and earn their contractors license. These courses are designed to help both aspiring general and specialty contractors, each tailored according to your specific classification. Course materials are also equipped with online practice exams that simulate the test environment, ensuring the optimal display and accurate replication of the exact test conditions. Online Practice Exams work seamlessly on Mac OS X, Windows, iPads, Tablets (Android & Windows), iPhone and other smartphones, as well as Linux/Unix. You can study in Flash Card mode, or Exam Simulation mode. Explanations of each answer are provided, with graphics optimized for online display. Plans, questions and associated plans are included, as well as Exam Updates with the Newest Update Questions.


Course Packages We Offer

Freedom Business School is dedicated to helping you realize your goal of becoming a top general or specialty contractor in California, starting with earning your contractors license. Enjoy classroom-quality learning whether at home or in the office at your own pace with video, audio and printed manual instruction, as well as 6-month access to online practice exams and expert license application assistance:

If you are applying for the Limited Specialty Classification (C-61), you are only required to pass the Law and Business Management exam.

USD $195.00

Get the benefits of both live video Instruction in your home and Audio Instruction, when you are on the move!

State Application Review:
Our experts will review your application before you submit it. We will help you make necessary corrections, so that it is accepted by the State the first time and you will get your exam date as soon as possible.

USD $259.00

The Law and Business Spanish Supplement is a summary of the most important information in the Law and Business Manual presented in Spanish. Students must still study the English-version Law and Business Manual, Practice Tests and Updates in addition to reading the Spanish Supplement.

USD $75.00

This is a supplemental course for General Engineering and General Building students who have little or no experience reading blueprints. Print Reading For Construction is designed to assist students in reading and understanding both residential and commercial prints.

USD $139.00

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