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New 2018 Residential Building Inspector Certificate Course

Posted on 12/30/2018

We are pleased to announce the release of our new 2018 B1 Building Inspector Exam Preparation course. This course is designed to help students pass the 2018 Residential Building Inspector Certification Exam administered nationwide by the International Code Council (ICC).

Here are some key points about the 2018 B1 Certification:

California has adopted the 2018 International Residential Code as the 2019 California Residential Code Most building departments in California are looking for building inspectors with the 2018 B1 Residential Inspector Certification. (Referred to as J1 in California).
Anyone 18 and older qualifies to take the B1 Certification exam
No prior work experience is required
The B1 Exam Prep course includes Video Lecture and 6-month to Online Practice Tests
The 2018 B1 Exam Prep course reviewes the first 11 chapters organized by topics covered by the 2018
International Residential Code (IRC), which the candidates are tested on. These chapters are as follows:

Scope and Administration Definitions Building Planning Foundations Floors Wall Construction Wall Covering Roof-Ceiling Construction Roof Assemblies Chimneys and Fireplaces Energy Efficiency

Following chapter reviewes are seven Practice Tests and the Final Exam that covers the most difficult questions and topics.

Some Things To Know About The B1 Exam Questions

I. The clear majority of questions will ask you to identify the correct choice of the one that best applies

II. Only a few questions will ask you to identify the incorrect choice or the one that doesn't apply

III. For some questions you must locate the correct table or figure and find the answer in the table or figure. You will be given enough information (and sometimes even unneeded information) to look up the answer.

IV. For some questions, the Code will refer you to a table, figure or different section in another part of the Code, testing your ability to search for data in cross-referenced parts of the Code.

V. Choose an answer that is correct in most cases and doesn't have a special circumstancesor exceptions associated with the answer.

VI. If none of the answers seem exactly correct, choose the best alternative of the ones offered. If you can not answer a question with confidence, choose yuor first impulse and try not to over-think it.

VII. Be alert to minor details - read every word: I's easy to overlook "not" or "except"in a question , or misread stud for joist.

VIII. Be able to disregard irrelevant (i.E., unnecessary) facts in the question.

IX. Be able to fill missing or assumed details in a few questions.

X. Questions will never require you to know information in an outside document like ASTM or NFPA specifications.

XI. Not all questions can be located in the Code index, but the majority can.

XII. The sequence of questions in the B1 exam generally follows the sequence of the Code.

The exam is open-book, but you must bring your own copy of the IRC to the exam site.

There are 60 multiple (4) choice questions. You will be given 2 hours to finish your exam. Extra time may be allowed, in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you can document special needs.

The passing score: 70-75%.

We received an exellent feedback from our students, who took the previous editions of the B1 Exam Prep course. We are confident that you also will pass your exam on the first try by studying our 2018 Residential Building Inspector Certificate course.

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