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Introduction to Home Inspection Business

Professional home inspection is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. According to American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), 77% of home sales in U.S. today are inspected prior to purchase. As more Americans buy and sell their homes, the need for qualified home inspectors grows. There is a strong, long-term demand for qualified individuals to start careers as home inspectors. The Home Inspector protects the buyer and real estate agent by disclosing costly repairs that may need to be made to the property. Home Inspectors can literally save a buyer thousands of dollars by determining the true condition of a home prior to the sale. That's why Home Inspectors charge up to $500 for each inspection, which typically takes 2-5 hours and can earn $1,000 or more in a single day by inspecting several homes.

What type of jobs can home inspectors qualify for?

Home inspectors are often self-employed. They may also work for real estate agencies, brokers, corporations, banks, home inspection companies or government agencies. Every person or business investing in a property needs clear, accurate information about its condition. Home inspectors are the first line of defense against a bad investment in property.

What do home inspectors do?

Home inspectors perform objective visual inspections of homes and produce a written report of the condition of the property for buyers and/or owners. The home inspector must be able to recognize any condition that could cause problems for the potential homeowner. Home inspector examines the grounds, structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, electrical system, insulation, ventilation, interior, attic, bathrooms, kitchen, basement, crawlspaces, heating, air conditioning, and garage or carport. National standards of practice determine which components are inspected and how they are inspected.

Do I have what it takes to be a successful home inspector?

Are you the kind of person who:

  • Doesn't want to be tied to a desk all day?
  • Has a desire to run a small business?
  • Is interested in construction and how things work?
  • Has a technical mind and like to figure things out?
  • Is organized and clear-thinking?
  • Enjoys meeting and helping people?
  • Is willing to learn and take initiative? 

If that sounds like you, then now is the perfect time to start taking steps toward a challenging and rewarding career in home inspection.

Why Freedom Business School?

Our versatile home inspection programs - Principles of Home Inspection and Fundamentals of Home Inspection offer the highest quality training materials at prices 30% to 50% less than other home inspection schools. These comprehensive online and correspondence courses has been developed by Carson Dunlop & Associates, one of the oldest and largest home inspection firms in North America. Dedicated to inspections since 1978, Carson Dunlop's technical staff spent two decades in home inspection and several years refining their training documents before creating the premier distance-education system for home inspectors. From an introductory overview of home inspection to advanced system-specific courses to a complete home inspection series, Freedom has both online and correspondence courses to meet your needs.

About the Home Inspection Courses

Principles of Home Inspection is a 100+ hour course. This comprehensive online course reviews all major home systems and provides in depth coverage of system and component problems, their practical implications, and inspection strategies for finding them. Ideal for the States with longer hour requirements, this interactive course covers standards of practice and Code of Ethics, appliances, communication and professional practice issues. No other online program provides the depth and breadth of this course.

Home Inspection Course Highlights

  • Over 600 detailed illustrations reinforce key concepts
  • Five different types of interactive exercises keep students focused and increase material retention
  • Thematic graphics keep the material fresh and compelling
  • Unit exams test subject mastery and identify topics requiring additional review 

Fundamentals of Home Inspection is a 40+ hour course. Fundamentals Of Home Inspection provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Home Inspection. Students will find straightforward descriptions of house systems and how they function, as well as how they may deteriorate or fail. Written by Carson Dunlop & Associates, one of the most successful home inspection companies in North America, Fundamentals of Home Inspection is based on years of practical experience in both inspecting homes and training inspectors.

Home Inspection Course Highlights

  • Over 150 detailed illustrations reinforce key concepts
  • Five different types of interactive exercises keep students focused and increase material retention
  • Thematic graphics keep the material fresh and compelling
  • Unit exams test subject mastery and identify topics requiring additional review 

Take any one of these courses and you'll be ready to enter the field as a qualified Home Inspector. And you need no previous home inspection experience to begin.

Does my state regulate the Home Inspection Industry?

Regulation of this market is in place or on the horizon. Currently, 13 states require pre-licensing education for home inspectors, and 15 states require continuing education courses. Eight more states are considering regulation, making a total of 36 states with existing or pending regulation. Contact Us to find out what regulations exist in your state.

Student Support

We are proud of our Student Support Department where you can always get the answers to any questions or any additional information you may need. Freedom is absolutely committed to your success in Home Inspection education.

Our Mission:

Provide each student with the Best Quality, Low Cost, up-to-date study materials and Personal Attention to ensure their successful course completion and obtaining Professional License or Certification of their choice.