Fundamentals of Home Inspection
Fundamentals of Home Inspection (HIN001)

The course includes:

  • Descriptions of every major house system
  • Coverage of appliances
  • Overview of the problems that can occur with each system and component
  • Repair and maintenance considerations
  • Over 150 detailed technical illustrations
  • Sample report forms to help new inspectors begin organizing their approach to actual inspections
  • Summaries of inspection procedures for each major system
  • Lists of recommended and optional inspection tools for each major system
Each study session includes a Reading Assignment, Comprehension Quiz and Interactive Exercises that reinforce visual as well as conceptual insight. After completing these elements, students are provided with the unit exam to test understanding and retention of the key topics. It takes roughly 40 hours to complete this course.

Also, Included in this course

is the Systems and Standards textbook which, by-far, is the most comprehensive Home Inspection Manual in the market place. Besides the textbook, an additional exam helper System & Standards Review Questions & Answers are also included with the tuition fee.

The Course Covers:

Roofing; Flashing; Chimneys; Exterior; Structure; Electrical; Heating; Cooling/Heat Pumps; Insulation; Plumbing; Interior; Appliances