Home Inspection Course Summary

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Our online Home Inspection programs Fundamentals of Home Inspection and Principles of Home Inspection provide comprehensive training and knowledge base required to become a Professional in this field. Both courses review all major home systems and provide coverage of system and component problems, their practical implications, and inspection strategies for finding them.

Courses Feature:

  • hundreds of Detailed Illustrations 
  • five different types of Interactive Exercises 
  • Thematic graphics 
  • Unit Exams 
  • Final Exam 

How does the program work:

  • Each study session includes learning objectives
  • Reading assignment
  • Comprehension quiz
  • Interactive exercises that reinforce visual as well as conceptual insight
  • Unit exams to test students understanding and retention of key topics
  • Comprehensive Final Exam to help students prepare for actual Licensing exams that may be required by their State or professional organization
  • Student access to the course for one year

What will a student be able to do upon completing our Home Inspection training:

  • Attain the necessary knowledge indicative of the Home Inspection industry standards
  • Recognize residential construction materials and techniques of construction
  • Recommend the remedial action required to rectify identified problems
  • Have a working knowledge of inspection equipment, it's use and application
  • Identify personal protective closing used in home inspection
  • Identify and prioritize the more common defects found in residential construction
  • Inspect a residence pursuant to general industry standards
  • Report inspection findings consistent with recognized methods
  • Identify and locate resources and technical reference materials
  • Apply attained knowledge in practical setting with high degree of confidence
  • Prepare for State Inspection Exams in States where license is needed
  • Enjoy a successful career track 


Our Mission:

Provide each student with the Best Quality, Low Cost, up-to-date study materials and Personal Attention to ensure their successful course completion and obtaining Professional License or Certification of their choice.