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State Contractors Exam Tips

The best results on the State Contractors Exam can be achieved, if you follow this strategy:

  1. Read each question carefully
  2. Choose the most correct out of four multiple choice answers
  3. The first time through the State examination, answer only those questions for which you positively know the answers
  4. If you are not certain of the answers, then eliminate the wrong (dumb) answers first and then choose the answer that seems to you the most nearly correct. Answer every question. Even guessing is better than no answer at all. You may very well guess correctly.
  5. Keep in mind that each of the four answers has a 25% chance of being correct.
  6. There are no trick questions on the exam. However, there may be more than one answer which could be correct. If you think the question has more than one correct answer look to see if (D) is "All of the above" or "Both A&B", etc. If the State is not looking for a multiple answer you then must choose the answer that is most correct.
  7. Make sure that you mark the answer that you intend to mark; do not skip or leave any question unanswered
  8. Your first impression is normally your best impression. Don't change any answers unless you are absolutely certain that another answer is a right one.

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please, let us know, how you did on the exam and what we may do in order to provide better services.

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