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Contractor's License Courses For Virginia, Arizona

Exam Preparation Courses cover all relevant State laws and regulations as well as Business Management topics required to pass the Contractors' License Exams. The course package includes: State - Specific Contractors' Law Manual; Business Management Reference Manual; Practice Exams.  

The course covers the following topics: Reading Regulations; Starting a Business in the State; Contractor's Requirements; Labor Laws; Taxes; Mechanics' Lien Laws; OSHA Regulations; Building Codes and Standards of Practice; Buisness Organization; Business Management; Estimating and Bidding; Contracts; Risk Management; Project Management; Employment Law; Accounting; Payroll Taxes; Occupational Safety and Health; Environmental Issues.


This course includes all relevant state laws and regulations required to pass Arizona Business Management exam. When used in conjuction with the Contractor's Business Reference Manual, these texts are specifically designed to help candidates pass the Business and Law Contracting exam.

USD $249.00

This course is approved for mandatory Pre-License education for Contractor's License in Virginia. Learn the key principles you need to start your business and stay in business. One year access.

USD $89.00

This course includes all relevant state laws and regulations required to pass Class A and B Contractors' exams. Combined with the Contractor's Business Reference Manual, this course covers everything you need to prepare and pass Virginia Class A or B Contracting exams.

USD $289.00

Save 25% by combining the two courses you need to get your Class A/B Contractors' License. This course package includes 8-hour Basic Business course mandatory for obtaining a Contractor's License in Virginia plus a Law and Business Management exam preparation for Class A & B Contractors License applicants.

USD $325.00