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Virginia Contractors Pre-license Education

Effective August 21, 2006, the Designated Employee or a member of Responsible Management of all contractors applying for licensure for an entity that is not currently licensed must successfully complete an eight hour business class approved by the Board for Contractors.

Pre-license education is required for all new contractors’ licenses, and is a separate requirement from the Class A and B examinations. The pre-license education course is a Basic Business Course that covers relevant regulations, statutes, and requirements that are necessary for every business-owner. The course is not specific to any particular classification or specialty.

Freedom Business School is an Approved Pre-License Education provider. We offer an online course that will satisfy 8 hour Basic Business education requirement.

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You must provide documentation that the class has been successfully completed by including a copy of the certificate of completion issued by the class, which identifies the course, course provider, date of completion and the name of the individual who took the class.

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