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Building Inspector Certification Exam Q & A

Posted on 11/04/2018

Q: Is any prior experience or education required before the candidate can take Certification Exam?

A: No. Most Certification exams are open to all individuals with no prior experience or education. Building Inspector Certification is used as one of several measures of an individual qualifications when screening job applicants for a position. Inspectors should possess the right mix of technical knowledge, education and related experience. Because evaluation of these three qualifications is a subjective decision, it is most appropriately performed at the local level by the hiring agency. For this reason, the Code Council (ICC) does not specify education or experience requirements for certification applicants for most categories. 

Q: Is ICC Certification the same as the license?

A: A license is a permit to work in a particular occupation, issued by the State or local agency. Code Council Certifications are voluntary certifications. However, many Cities, Counties and other local agencies require ICC Certifications in their employment regulations.

Q: What type of question format will be used on the exam?

A: Test questions are four-option, multiple choice format, with one answer on each question scored as correct. 

Q: What references or code books are he exams based on?

A: Building Inspector Certification Exams (B1) are based on International Residential Code (IRC). Be sure to select the code year that matches your IRC when registering for your exam.    

Q: Are the exams open-book?

A: Most Certificating exams are open-book. Detailed exam information can be found by searching for your exam in the exam catalog on Code Council website at iccsafe.org.

Q: Can I just look up the answers in the book during the exam?

A: You will not have time to do that because of the time constraints. You must be very familiar with the references to avoid wasting time searching for information. 

Q: How long is the Residential Building Inspector Certification Exam?

A:  Two hours.

Q: How often can I test?

A: You can have six exam attempts within the six-months period. If you have not passed your exam in six attempts, you must wait six months from the first attempt to register again.  

Q: When will I get my results?

A: Results are available immediately after completion of the exam.

Q: What is the passing score?

A: The passing score for Building Inspector Certification exam is 75.

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