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Building Inspector Certification Exam Prep

Posted on 09/13/2017

Freedom Business School offers the course that is designed to help candidates prepare for the Residential Building Inspector Certification exam

This is a National Certification Exam, which is based on the International Residential Code (IRC) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings published by  the International Code Council, Inc. (ICC). 

The exams currently available are based on 2015, 2012 and 2009 editions of the IRC.    Freedom Business School offers the Preparation Courses for all three exams.   Of particular importance for the students living in California, the State has adopted the 2015 IRC as the 2016 CA Residential Code.    Most Building Departments in California are looking for Building Inspectors with the  2015 B1 Residential Inspector Certification.   Why Become a Residential Building Inspector  Anyone 18 and older to take the B1 Certification Exam No Work Experience is Required B1 is a Nationwide Certification Contractors and Real Estate Agents can supplement their incomes by performing Residential Building Inspections. What's inside the B1 Exam Prep Course 11 Chapters organized by topics covered by the IRC Detailed Graphics and Illustrations Easy to understand format that teaches how to easily locate sections of the IRC needed for the Exam Over 400 Practice questions and Answers 7 Practice Tests Final Exam that covers the most difficult questions anf topics Online Practice Tests   Included in the Course Flash Card mode with answers, detailed explanations and illustrations Exam Simulation Study Mode 

Flash Card Study Mode - Easy Method for Students

Flash Cards allow students to easily study by viewing the questions and answers while keeping track on their progress. Students can mark if thier answer was either correct, wrong or an option to review it for later. 

After completing the flash cards, students have multiple study options. They can view Flash Cards not yet seen, those answered wrong, marked to review again or all the questions.

Exam Simulation Mode

Students have access to a timed exam that presents questions in a strict exam simulation. 

They can choose from multiple choice options and progress through the test just like the actual Certification Exam.

After taking the online Practice Exam, students receive a detailed report that lists their score and each question they answered incorrectly, along with the correct answer choice.

Our Mission

Provide Each Student with the Best Quality, Low Cost, Up-to-Date Study Materials and Personal Attention, to ensure their successful course completion and obtaining Professional License or Certification of their Choice.

Freedom Business School have received exellent feedback on our Building Inspector Certification courses. 

Our Students enjoy one of the highest exam pass rates in the industry. 

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