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Contractor and Real Estate Licensing School

Our Courses and Training

Freedom Business School is a distance education learning school. We specialize in Contractors and Real Estate License courses. Our current offerings also include Home Inspection Training and Building Inspector Certification courses. The school has been in business since 1991. Since that time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience that earned us recognition as experts in Contractor and Real Estate licensing fields.

Our courses are written by the professionals in contracting and real estate.

  • The instructors for our real estate salesperson's and broker's exam prep courses include a real estate lawyer, a certified public accountant, several real estate brokers, a mortgage loan broker, a certified residential appraiser, and a licensed contractor-developer.
  • Our contractors' license exam prep courses cover every trade and certificate classification. The teaching staff includes attorneys specializing in contractors' license law, mechanics' lien law, and labor law. Business Management is taught by a former bookkeeper who now runs a very successful contracting business.
  • The instructors for the trade courses include licensed contractors, cost estimators, and other professionals.

Our dedicated staff closely follows changes in laws and regulations that affect our disciplines. We constantly update our materials to address these changes. We always monitor our student's progress. Extensive feedback helps us effectively address their concerns and exam problem areas.

Course Materials

  • Study manuals
  • Video, CD and/or Audiotape Instruction
  • Online Practice exams and Updates

Each of these elements represent a necessary step in preparation for your State License Exams. Courses are carefully structured to give you a thorough and complete overview of the material in the most efficient way possible.

We are proud of our Student Support Department where you can always get the answers to any questions or any additional information you may need.

Freedom Business School has one of the highest Exam Pass rates in the industry and we are confident that you will also pass your State Exam on the first try.

  • Contractors License
  • Home and Building Inspector
  • Real Estate License
Our Mission:

Provide each student with the Best Quality, Low Cost, up-to-date study materials and Personal Attention to ensure their successful course completion and obtaining Professional License or Certification of their choice.