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Distance Education

You are always busy. You work full time all the time. Sounds familiar and probably seems like never ending cycle. But you want to succeed and you need that License or Course to start your own business and get where you really want to be.

Distance Education is the Answer. And Freedom Business School is your partner in reaching your goals.

Distance Education and Training Council is a leading authority on distance education in the United States. Here's what they say:

"Distance education is especially suited for busy people who wish to increase their knowledge and skills without giving up their jobs, leaving home, or losing income. You learn while you earn. Many courses provide complete vocational training; others prepare you for upgrading in your present job, without losing wages, experience or seniority. You receive individual attention, and you work at your own pace. In recent years, technology has played a significant role in transforming the traditional distance education school into a dynamic, interactive distance learning method using toll-free telephone lines, as well as a diverse array of personal computers, video devices, CD and DVD ROMs, online courses over the Internet, interactive devices, and other modern technological innovations. The future for distance study promises to be exciting!"

So, is distance learning as effective as learning in a classroom setting?

Numerous individual testimonials have been offered over the years attesting to the benefits of distance education. Beyond these claims, formal studies have been conducted to measure the effectiveness of the distance education method. All of the research published since 1920 has indicated that correspondence/distance study students perform just as well as, and in most cases better than, their classroom counterparts.

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