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Obtain Your California Contractors License

Contractor’s licenses

The Golden State is a hugely popular destination — and for aspiring contractors, that means countless business opportunities to build the structures of tomorrow. That could be homes, offices, or the next shopping center. But everyone has to start somewhere.

The State of California requires a valid contractors’ license for any project requiring labor and materials that are valued at $500 or more. The contractors' license covers general and specialty contractors across a wide range of services, including General Building and Engineering construction, landscaping, painting, electrical, plumbing, and more. As an aspiring contractor, your first step is to obtain the license that allows you to perform this work and demonstrate a critical understanding of the state laws that govern construction trade.

How to Pass the California Contractors License Examination

Contractors Licenses in California

Being a successful contractor starts with understanding the trade in relation to contractor law and knowing exactly how to apply these concepts to your business:

  • Wage requirements
  • Job site safety, employee regulations, and hazardous materials
  • Business organization and insurance
  • Contract requirements and execution, bidding, estimating and cost control.
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Invest in the Future of Your Contracting Business

getting Licensed as a contractor in California Freedom Business School breaks down the Contractors Law and Business course into five chapters. They are written in plain, easy to understand language to help students prepare for the California Contractors License exam and earn their contractors license. These courses are designed to help both aspiring general and specialty contractors, each tailored according to your specific classification. Course materials are also equipped with online practice exams that simulate the test environment, ensuring the optimal display and accurate replication of the exact test conditions. Online Practice Exams work seamlessly on Mac OS X, Windows, iPads, Tablets (Android & Windows), iPhone and other smartphones, as well as Linux/Unix. You can study in Flash Card mode, or Exam Simulation mode. Explanations of each answer are provided, with graphics optimized for online display. Plans, questions and associated plans are included, as well as Exam Updates with the Newest Update Questions.


Course Packages We Offer

Freedom Business School is dedicated to helping you realize your goal of becoming a top general or specialty contractor in California, starting with earning your contractors license. Enjoy classroom-quality learning whether at home or in the office at your own pace with video, audio and printed manual instruction, as well as 6-month access to online practice exams and expert license application assistance:


How much does a California contractor’s license cost?

The cost of a California contractor's license varies depending on the classification and type of license. As of my knowledge cutoff of 2021, the fees for a new license application range from $450 to $800, depending on the classification. Additionally, there are fees for the state exam, fingerprinting, and background checks. Renewal fees for a California contractor's license range from $180 to $450, depending on the classification. However, it's important to note that fees and requirements are subject to change, and you should always verify the current fees with the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) before applying for a license.

What are the basic licensing requirements in California

The basic licensing requirements in California for a contractor's license are as follows:

Experience: You must have at least four years of journey-level experience in your trade. This experience must be within the last ten years and can be a combination of work experience, apprenticeship, or education.

Exam: You must pass two exams - the Law and Business Exam and the Trade Exam - that are administered by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

Insurance: You must obtain workers' compensation insurance if you have employees.

Application: You must complete and submit a license application, along with the required fees and documents, to the CSLB.

Background check: You must undergo a criminal background check and a fingerprinting process.

Qualifying Individual: You must have a Qualifying Individual (QI) who is responsible for managing the company's construction activities. The QI must also have the required experience and pass the exams.

It's important to note that additional requirements may apply depending on the type of license you are applying for and the specific circumstances of your application. It's always a good idea to check with the CSLB for the latest licensing requirements and procedures.

Why you need a contractor’s license in California

A contractor's license is required in California for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why you need a contractor's license:

Legal requirements: California law requires that all contractors who work on projects worth $500 or more in combined labor and materials costs must hold a valid contractor's license. Working without a license can result in fines, legal action, and other penalties.

Consumer protection: The contractor's license is intended to protect consumers from unscrupulous or incompetent contractors. The licensing process includes a background check, a verification of experience, and an examination to ensure that contractors have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform construction work safely and competently.

Professionalism: Holding a contractor's license shows that you are a serious professional in your field. It demonstrates that you have met certain standards for education, experience, and competency and that you are committed to providing quality workmanship to your clients.

Competitive advantage: Having a contractor's license can give you a competitive advantage over unlicensed contractors who may be operating illegally or who do not have the necessary qualifications to perform construction work.

Overall, a contractor's license is essential for anyone who wants to work as a contractor in California. It provides legal protection, helps build trust with clients, and is a key component of professionalism and success in the construction industry.

Enjoy Classroom quality of Instruction at your Home or Office and study at your own pace. This Course package includes:

  • Trade Manual
  • Law and Business Manual
  • Law and Business DVDs
  • Trade DVDs
  • Law and Business Practice Exams
  • Trade Practice Exams
  • Course Study Guides
  • License Application Assistance
  • Law and Trade Practice Exam Updates

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Experience the same Testing Environment as at the State Exam with Online Practice Exams - 6 Months Access.

This course package includes all the elements of Course #1 with Online Practice Exams.

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Same as Course #1, except law & Trade instruction is on Audio CDs.

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Experience the same Testing Environment as at the State Exam with Online Practice Exams - 6 Months Access

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This is a Core course, that includes all the necessary License Exam Prep information in a printed format.

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Experience the same Testing Environment as at the State Exam with Online Practice Exams - 6 Months Access

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State Application Review:

Our experts will review your application before you submit it. We will help you make necessary corrections, so that it is accepted by the State the first time and you will get your exam date as soon as possible.

USD $385.00

If you are adding another classification to your Contractors License, you only need to pass the Trade Exam.

  • Trade Manual
  • Trade Audio CDs
  • Online Practice Exams - 6 Months Access
  • Practice Exam Updates
  • State License Application
  • Mobile App Access

USD $205.00

If you are adding another classification to your Contractors License, you only need to pass the Trade Exam.

  • Trade Manual
  • Trade DVDs
  • Online Practice Exams - 6 Months Access
  • Trade Practice Exam Updates
  • Mobile App Access
  • State License Application

USD $215.00

If you are adding another classification to your Contractors License, you only need to pass the Trade Exam.

  • Trade Manual
  • Trade CDs
  • Trade DVDs
  • Online Practice Exams with Updates - 6 Months Access
  • Mobile App Access
  • State License Application
  • State Application Review

USD $259.00

This is a primary source for "A", C-12, C-34 and C-42 trade examinations. These trade exams and our course materials are written with the assumption that students will have a copy of this handbook.

USD $120.00

If you are applying for the Limited Specialty Classification (C-61), you are required to pass the Law and Business Management exam only.

USD $225.00

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