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Starting your Real Estate Career

Real Estate is a great field for business. And today this is true more then ever. California real estate market is booming and the need for qualified, licensed professionals is growing every day.

Flexible hours, unlimited income potential and consistent demand are just a few benefits of this exciting career.

Freedom Business School offers License Qualifying Courses in all aspects of real estate including Salesperson's and Broker's Exam Preparation. All of our Real Estate courses are written by the industry professionals and approved by the California Department Of Real Estate (DRE)


  • They are DRE-required courses!
  • Our Real Estate Principles course includes a 1-hour, 45-minute video review of the course final test
  • Correspondence courses are faster, easier, and cheaper than trying to fulfill the necessary requirements at a local community college

You can study at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.

Salesperson's and Broker's exam courses offer a fast and efficient review and preparation for the State exams. Every one of the practice test answers includes detailed explanation. We offer thorough instruction: Approximately 7 hours total on audiotape, CD or videocassettes.

Freedom gives students a choice of many teaching styles. (Who wants to listen to the same instructor for 7 hours?)

Our instructors include a real estate lawyer, a certified public accountant, several real estate brokers, a mortgage loan broker, a certified residential appraiser, and a licensed contractor-developer.


  • We have almost an hour of instruction on the part of the State exam that causes the most trouble - REAL ESTATE MATH.
  • The math lecture also covers 10 "hot tips" on how to handle math questions on the State exam.
  • The introduction includes the best strategies for handling multiple-choice questions to maximize your score.
  • The lectures include a LAST MINUTE REVIEW tape - a fast-paced 30-minute review of the course. Perfect to listen to the night before the exam!
Our Mission:

Provide each student with the Best Quality, Low Cost, up-to-date study materials and Personal Attention to ensure their successful course completion and obtaining Professional License or Certification of their choice.